My Multiplication

Designed to accelerate your math skills

The app is divided in three parts: learn, homework and exam. This way it mimics the typical learning process that is recommended to use for learning math.

Learn: Listing of all times tables and the option to hide the answers while you practice.

Homework: Add you own homework for tricky parts of any table or select a whole table at a time to learn.

Exam: Test your knowledge and score as high as possible by doing it as fast as possible.

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For the teacher and the student

Much thought and care has been put into the application to be educational but also fun to use. At the end of every test a report is available that can be used to follow up on progress or to add the mistakes made directly to the built in homework section.

The application uses positive reinforcement on the after-test comments to make the learning process more fun and to focus more what is working rather than on what is not.